Age Group Lessons

Welcome to Age Group Lessons (Competitive Swimming)

The age group program is a competitive swimming program associated with the Salt Lake County Pre-Comp League and USA Swimming. Each member of the team will learn:

  • Competitive swimming strokes
  • Starts
  • Turns
  • Rules governing the competition
  • How to be in good physical shape through diet and exercise.
The coaches work on endurance and speed training at different levels, as well as teaching the correct technique for the four competitive strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle).

Along with the strokes, team members will also learn how to start from the starting block and turns for each stroke.

Our Objective

Tooele swimming has been a respected and strong program for many years. We want to work with children who are serious about becoming better swimmers.

  • We want members of the Tooele Swim Club to take pride in being on the team, always be striving to improve and working towards the goal of being a champion.
  • We expect them to participate in the meets, no matter what level they are in their development.
  • Our coaches will insure that the swimmers are ready for meets and not enter them in events they are not ready for.
  • Meets are the fun part of swimming. Going as a team and supporting each other makes it even more enjoyable.

Click Here for a printable Age Group Lessons brochure (.pdf)
What is the Cost of Age Group Lessons (Competitive Swimming)?

Annual Membership Passes
Resident:  $275
(or add $185 to annual membership)
Non-Resident:  $280
(or add $185 to annual membership)

Daily Admissions
Non-Resident:  $4.50

20 Punch Pass
Resident:   $55
Non-resident:  $60

There are additional fees for swim meets.  Also, if you want to register for USA Swimming there is an additional $60 annual registration fee due each September.

All team members receive a team cap, T-shirt, and a discount on the team suit.

When are Practices?
Monday – Thursday
5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Do the Swimmers Need to Attend Every Practice?
No. We encourage them to attend as many as possible but school, family, religious and other obligations do not make that possible.
When and Where are Meets Held?
The Bronze Team competes in the Salt Lake County Pre-Comp League. Their meets are usually the 2nd Saturday of each month.

The Silver and Gold Team Swimmers are registered with USA Swimming and participate in sanctioned meets held in Logan, Odgen, Salt Lake City, Park City and Utah County. Swimmers are expected to swim in one meet per month. The coaches will decide which meets the team will attend. The swimmers are responsible for finding their own transportation to and from the meets.

At times during the year, we hold novice meets on Saturday mornings for swimmers of all ages, up to and incluing masters. Swimmers do not have to be registered with USA Swimming to compete in these meets.
Age/Swim Level Requirements
Age Requirements
There are no age requirements, but swimmers are recommended to pass through swimming lesson levels 1-6.  [Some meets have an 8 & under age group while other meets will have 10 & under as the youngest.]

Must pass a tryout to make the team.  Open tryouts are FREE Monday – Thursday at 5:00 p.m.  You do not need to make a reservation just show up.

We do have some swimmers who are out of high school, but like to stay in shape and compete in the Masters Meets who also practice with us.
How Good of a Swimmer Do You Have to Be?
Gold Team:  The swimmer must be able to swim at least 200 yeards (8 lengths).

Silver Team:  The swimmer must be able to swim at least 100 yards of 2 different strokes.

Bronze Team:  Children need to be able to swim 50 yards.
Have Questions?
Contact Coach Sam at or visit her on the Pool Deck Monday – Thursday 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
What About Goggles, Suits, Fins, Etc.?
  • We encourage swimmers to wear goggles to protect their eyes and make it easier to see the walls when executing turns. Goggles are available at the front counter and vary in price from $6 – $12. Ask one of the coaches to help select the correct one for the swimmer.
  • Fins, hand paddles, etc. are provided for practices and we use them to improve their strokes.
  • Any one piece style of suit is permissible to use for practice and meets.  There are suits made especially for competitive swimming.
  • One of the best places to order suits and other competitive equipment it  They have everything competitive swimmers need and ships the same day.
Sam Cox is the head coach of the Age Group team. She has been an age group coach since 1983. Her philosophy makes the competitive swimming experience fun, but challenging. She takes every swimmer and works with them at their current level making sure they have the basics down before moving on to the next level. She is assisted by various staff members with competitive swimming experience. 

Contact Coach Sam at or visit her on the Pool Deck Monday – Thursday 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.